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Pictured on the left (clockwise from top left):  

TRX Low Row, Equalizer Triceps Dips, and TRX Chest Press.

Weight training with dumbbells, cable pulley resistance and weight machine resistance.

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Double the fun!  Double the accountability!


Body-weight resistance training with TRX suspension trainers 

and the Lebert "Equalizer." 

We utilize and integrate a variety of training styles such as weight training, body-weight resistance training, "smart" cardio (efficient and effective cardio like HIIT/High Intensity Interval Training), TRX suspension training, Pilates and exercises for balance and flexibility for a well-balanced and comprehensive fitness program.   

Would you like to improve your physique, lose body fat or just fit back into that old pair of jeans?

Featured "fitness guru" in Murfreesboro Magazine 

Enjoy pairing up with a friend, spouse, or family member! ....

what type of fitness training do we do?

Body-weight training for strength, balance, and endurance.  

nutritional guidance and weekly coaching for encouragement, motivation and accountability

​​Targeting your specific goals and needs, your workouts will be designed for you to achieve the results you seek!


Pictured on the right (clockwise from top left):  

Seated Cable Row*, Standing Dumbbell Curls, Stability Ball Dumbbell Chest Press*, and Single Leg Presses.  

*Stability balls provide more challenge and demand on your core and the corresponding stabilizer muscles and ultimately help improve your balance.

individualized one-on-one and partner training
sessions in the comfort of a private studio

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Do you need to bust a plateau or maybe revive a stale fitness routine? 

customized workout plans and much more!

"Favorite Place to Exercise"

"Favorite Fitness Center"​​

what are your goals?

Pictured on the left (from left to right)

Forward Lunge onto BOSU, with balancing knee raise, into a Reverse Lunge

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Revive also offers TRAINING FOR TWO!!

Do you want to gain strength and endurance for daily tasks, recreation or sport, or simply be healthier? 

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