Ready to make a change?  Let's get started on your health and fitness journey today!

I have been with Shonna for about 3 years now.  Initially my goal was to lose baby weight gain; we have far surpassed that achieving new goal after new goal.  She will listen to an individual and help them meet their goal not the goals she thinks they should have like many other trainers I know.  She has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of healthy thinking.  Due to the changes in my diet and regularly working out a few health issues have been resolved.  I would definitely recommend Shonna to anyone and everyone!!  Thanks to her I feel very confident I will live a much longer healthier life.

~Jamie B.

Shonna is an excellent trainer!  I've only been working with her for a few months but I can already see changes in my body, plus I've got more energy and I feel better.  The workouts are always hard but they're always different and I feel like they're really working.  Plus, she really does listen to what your specific needs and goals are.  I wanted to improve my balance and almost every workout has some sort of exercise to help with that.  I can really start to see a difference!

~Mika M.

I honestly cannot express what a wonderful experience it has been with Shonna.  I have fibromyalgia, asthma, and a number of other little ailments that have made working out so horrible these past ten years.  But Shonna tailors the workout just for me, keeps it fun, pushes me past what I think I can do (but never past what she knows I cannot do), and the results are astounding.  I am losing weight, yes, but more importantly I am gaining strength, endurance, and energy!  I highly recommend Shonna for anyone who has had issues in the past due to fibromyalgia.  Actually I highly recommend her to anyone.   :)

~Sharon S.


Shonna has been working with me for about 4 months now.  

After trying to workout at home and at several local gyms with no success I decided personal training was what I needed.  I chose Shonna because she offered something on one training in a private studio.  I didn't want to join an exercise class because my goals and needs are not like everyone else's. I wanted personalized training without the fitness club atmosphere.  Shonna has been the perfect choice for me.  She listens to my concerns and fitness goals and tailors my routine accordingly.  I feel better about myself than I ever have and already am seeing results.  I highly recommend anyone regardless of your age or weight to meet Shonna and see for yourself.  Shonna is amazing and she can help you accomplish your fitness goals!"

~ Melanie H.

I have been a client of Shonna's for a while. She is an awesome trainer. She pushes me to my limit and beyond. I am where I am right now because of her. I know she will get me where I need to be and where I want to be.

~Sherrie J.

I've had Shonna for my personal trainer for 2-3 years now and she's AWESOME! Shonna pushes you to push yourself further to reach your goals. She's an encourager. She doesn't yell at you, like you see in these extreme weight loss TV shows. Just having her there beside me pushes me to go further. I've seen great results... and reached my goal with her. I looked the best and felt the best I ever have. I was in size 8 & 9 pants and dropped to a size 2 & 4. Well, I am pregnant now and going to continue to work out with her for as long as I can until my baby gets here... then once I'm cleared to work out again, you better believe I'm going to go straight back to Shonna and have her help train me to lose my baby fat and hopefully get back down to where I was at. I am aware that pregnancy changes your body... so we'll see... but like Shonna says it's not the number that matters its how you look and feel. 

~ Kassie P.

Shonna is an amazing trainer!  She is extremely knowledgeable.

I was intimidated by exercise due to back, neck and shoulder issues, but she has shown me that exercise can not only help me with the pain but I can grow stronger and healthier despite my minor issues.  She has proven to me time and again that I can do the thing which I think I can't.  After each session with Shonna I feel stronger and more determined to meet my fitness and health goals.  Within the few short months I've worked with her I've already hit several milestones!!!  Many more to come with her encouragement and guidance!  I'd recommend Shonna to anyone looking for a personal trainer!!

~April T.

Shonna is a caring trainer.  She will push you, but she also works around any physical quirks you might have.  She offers a full range of services.  If you are considering working with a trainer, you cannot do better than Shonna Lund!

~ Roberta J.

I have been working with shonna for almost a year. When I was looking for a place to work out I went to the usual gym membership places and soon realized this wasn't for me. I am so happy I found Shonna. I like the one on one attention and she pushes and challenges me on the fitness goals I have asked for. Shonna helps me with my eating plan and what I can do on days I am not with her. I would highly recommend Shonna as your personal fitness instructor.

Lynne E.


Shonna is AWESOME!  I was what some might call a difficult client when she first became my personal trainer.  I had more excuses than effort.  Shonna was able to help me work through my excuses and find out that I was capable of doing far more than I had given myself credit for.  With her help, I was able to complete a half marathon, lose inches and pounds, and develop a sound approach to health and wellness.  She is always positive and encouraging, even when pushing you hard.  Shonna kept the workouts exciting and challenging to help me achieve my goals. She even helped me learn how to make healthy swaps for my favorite 'cheat foods'.

~Tamara C.


I've had other trainers before Shonna, and I thought that if I wanted to see results, I had to leave every training session feeling like I was either going to pass out or be sick.  When I started meeting with Shonna, I quickly realized it didn't have to be that way!  I leave every session feeling shaky but in the good, "you-worked-your-butt-off," kind of way.  Because I only meet with Shonna once a week, she also goes above and beyond in touching base with me throughout the week to make sure I'm staying on track, providing helpful workouts, recipes, and motivation, and generally taking an interest in my health and well-being.  Along with having her own studio (which emphasizes that one-on-one training without distractions), Shonna also sends out weekly newsletters, with informative resources, and posts motivational tips and tricks on her business' Facebook page.  She truly takes an interest in her clients and will provide you with all the care and dedication you need to meet your goals, without all the nasty, pass-out-get-sick side effects!  ; )

~ Kristin M.

I cannot recommend Shonna highly enough. I've worked with her for almost 2 years now and her knowledge and encouragement have helped me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals.

~Helen S.


Shonna is the best trainer I have had in a long time.  She really makes a great program that caters to your needs.  She will tone you up and you will see the results melting away.  She is also a very caring person.  If you need help with a diet plan she will also help you with that.  If you need a trainer then she is the one to go see.

~Kimberly C.

When looking for personal trainer for me and my wife, I knew I wanted someone who had experience and their own studio. I found that and so much more when I came across Revive Personal Fitness. I think of Shonna as a fitness coach – someone who not only advises and directs me with a well-thought physical training program, but who also advises me on making good eating choices and is committed to helping me make my fitness goals. Her studio provides a safe, private place for us to concentrate on our workout without the distractions found in normal gym environments. We have been training with Shonna for over 8 months now and Of course, we have lost weight and are better shape, but it’s really the personal focus and attention that Shonna gives that keeps us coming back. She cares about the total well-being of her clients and having that type of support is crucial to attaining success. If you are looking, like I was, to improve the quality of your life through a physical fitness, there is no better place that Revive Personal Fitness and no trainer who will care more about you than Shonna.

~ Brad W. 

It is always a nice surprise when someone comes along who helps you with the things you need at the time. I found the focus to change many habits when I began working with Shonna nearly a year ago. She is flexible and reliable and offers a professional atmosphere without the distractions of a gym. The personalized training has helped me in several areas including overall fitness, and I highly recommend it as a viable option..

~Danita H.

I have been a client of Revive Fitness for several months (1 yr. +) now and have seen great results. I am approaching my 60th birthday and knew I needed to make some changes/improvements for my future overall health. I really enjoy the one-on-one training. The center is always spotless and orderly. Shonna is personable and knowledgeable. She encourages me and challenges me. She keeps me accountable and that makes all the difference for me. She even emails workouts for me to do when I am out of town. I would highly recommend Shonna and her facility!

 ~ Julie R. ​​

I have been working with Shonna for about five months. In that time, I have lost pounds and inches, and I have clearly gained strength. Shonna is very knowledgeable, personable and encouraging. She has prescribed for me exercises that I would never have attempted in another setting, but with her challenge I am succeeding. Revive Fitness is very clean, quiet and orderly. I look forward to my sessions each week and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with Shonna. I highly recommend this experience and instruction to others.

 ~ Alicia H. ​​

Shonna is truly a God send.  I HATE to exercise, but being over 45 and very overweight, I knew I needed to get healthy.  Shonna keeps me motivated and is very encouraging.  She offers great suggestions and advice on healthy eating and recipes.  I am now excited to go workout with her and seeing awesome results, keeps me motivated to continue this journey.  I cannot Thank Shonna enough for every encouraging word and pushing me to go beyond what I thought I could do.  I thank God every day for putting Shonna in my life.

​~ Monet D.

Shonna is the best personal trainer I've ever had. She's patient and encouraging without being all "rah rah rah" in your face. She doesn't "lie". When she says "3 more", that's what she means. If I have a physical problem one day, she will work around it. She's confident, calm and yet somehow pushes me to my limits.

~ Felicia D. ​​

I've been very pleased with my results while training with Shonna. I've lost pounds & inches while getting toned and gaining strength & balance. Shonna keeps my workouts varied and interesting.....I'm never bored. She pushes her clients to do more than they think they're capable of doing. She's very encouraging and a pleasure to work with.

~Denise L.