I've been there.

stressed out.

out of control.  




  • ​​​Cleaned up my eating (I ditched all the fast food and other junk!)
  • Exercised regularly (Tae Bo was my go-to workout at the time!)
  • ​​​​Managed my stress (I allowed more time for fun, rest and relaxation.) 

Born in Kansas City, MO, I have been a Tennessee gal since age 13. I live in Murfreesboro with my husband Matt and our two furry daughters Mimi, our dilute/blue tortie cat and Fara, our long-haired tuxedo cat. 

I love to sing and share a passion for music with Matt -- we enjoy performing and writing together in various bands and musical projects. We are both big fans of nearly anything involving Sci-Fi, superheroes, seafood and sushi.

To unwind, I enjoy watching Stranger Things, 80s and 90s movies, detective shows, older comedies like Frasier, Kids In The Hall, Mr. Bean; snuggling with the cats, playing vintage video games and day-dreaming of visiting Ireland, Africa, and Japan.

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​The stress of changing my major and feeling unsure I was on the right career path, while waiting tables and eating mostly high-calorie restaurant meals and fast food, led to emotional eating and a 20-pound weight gain.  Once my clothes no longer fit and I no longer felt like myself, I decided it was time to take control and get my health back!...

​​​​​I changed my major for the final time, and acquired a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, with a concentration in wellness and exercise science, and a minor in nutrition and food science from Middle Tennessee State University in 2001. Life had other plans for me after college and those experiences shaped me and led me to today. I've been enjoying my personal training career for over 13 years now.

​Shonna Lund

personal stuff


I was inspired to help others get healthier and stronger after overcoming my own personal struggles in college. 

My passion and mission is to help others enjoy the infinite rewards that come with being fitter and healthier! 

To get healthy and fit again, I did the following:


I am an ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist.

I have had the privilege of helping the younger (age 12), the older (age 75+) and many of the ages in between, those who needed to lose weight and some who needed to gain healthy lean weight.  I've worked with pre- and post-natal women (new moms), someone who has had knee replacement surgery as well as folks with various heart conditions, frozen shoulder, low back pain, knee pain, and fibromyalgia.  So don't let any health issues you may have deter you from exercise -- with clearance and guidance from your physician(s), we can work together to design an appropriate fitness program for you.

After years of working with clients in a gym setting I realized I wanted to reach those who would not be inclined to join a gym.  

​Going to a gym can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience.  I have found that working in a truly private setting without the distractions of a busy gym encourages a more positive, motivating, and uplifting environment.  Plus our private studio provides a more efficient and effective workout experience -- no interruptions or waiting to use equipment!

I fell in love with my new healthy lifestyle and realized I wanted to help others experience the joy of a healthy and whole life.

I strive to continue my education and stay current on the latest research and findings in fitness and nutrition.  There's a lot of news and info out there and I feel it's my duty to help you discern what may be another fitness or diet fad vs. a sound new approach.

Exercise and proper nutrition certainly changed my life and I feel blessed to be a part of someone else's journey and transformation.  It is so exciting when a client reports she has more energy, more confidence, or more willpower than before; has lost a dress size; feels stronger than she has in years; no longer experiences daily aches and pains; or that her doctor has taken her off medication as a result of improved health!
I specialize in working with women of all ages, sizes, and abilities who want to get healthy and fit from the inside out.